With over 20 years of experience DJ Twister has mastered the art of moving the dance floor. Whether it be on classic vinyl or a futuristic digital set, he has a passion for music and it shows. 

Due to his exposure of genres ranging from House to Trance, Breaks to Glitch Hop and Drum ‘N Bass to Old School Techno, he possesses the ability to mix unique, multi-genre sets that showcase the true definition of a disc jockey. 

Twister has played alongside legendary DJs and Producers; Donald Glaude, Darude and Tom Foolery to name a few.  He has also been featured on the radio from San Francisco’s KCRH to Seattle’s KNDD 107.7 The End. 

Twister currently hosts Sidebar Sessions at SideBar in Phoenix. The event is a first Friday house music event that features local artists from Arizona. 


DJ Twister currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona.


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For Booking: // 206.271.4295

Personal Info

NAME: Cristof Butterworth

DJ SINCE: 2000




CATEGORY: Performance Club/Rave DJ


AVAILABLE FOR: Club, Rave, Festival & Open Air Events


EQUIPMENT USED: Most Pioneer Controllers and CDJs, Technic

1200s, Serato & Rekordbox.


107.7 The End - Seattle, WA

Live 105.3 - San Francisco, CA


NWCZ Radio - Tacoma, WA

KCRH - San Francisco, CA

Fraktuerd thursdays - phoenix, az




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